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Been away for a while ~

I was so busy that I hardly had time to come on here ...
I'm here now though so I intend to catch up on all that I've been missing out on ^_^


Feeling Sick

I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm still considered part time.
Taking the day off and resting sounds like a good idea.



I haven't been on here in a while >_<

Now that I'm done with school I can get back to writing and reading my precious fanfics ^_^

So yeah, I'm back :D 


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3 down and 2 left to go ...

Almost done with my finals. I think I going to be okay. I was worried for a second there; afraid I wasn't going to finish in time. Now, however, I'm more self-assured. Okay back to it!

Finals week

Graduation day is almost here 0_0 Not so much freaking out about that yet but I am stressed with my finals. Ugh, at least I'm almost done! Okay, *goes back to work*


Spring Break = More Hmwk

Apparently Spring Break is now seen as more time to do homework. Most of teachers have given us work to do -_- not fun! I mean some us have to work during Spring Break, it's not like I'm just sitting on my butt all day. ugh oh well just a few more weeks and I'll be done with school ... until the fall ...


Japan - Link to Useful Sites

Here is a link that you can go to that gives useful information to help and learn more about what is going on.


Our prayers and thoughts are with Japan right now. Please be safe and continue to be strong, we will give you our strength as well :)



Okay so I'm just waiting for class to start and I'm just so bored... One good thing, Spring Break next week!!! Yay! I can do nothing but watch doramas and movies, when I'm not at work lol. OHH! And Kimi Ni Todoke comes out tomorrow, hopefully someone will post it up then someone can add subs! Oh and then there's Red Riding Hood and Battle LA coming out tomorrow!! OKay suddenly looking forward for tomorrow!


It was really cold these past few days here in the valley. Ugh I hate cold weather, all our poor plants died :( they're not used to the cold weather either. A few hours ago the sun peeked out and then spread it's warmth, but the wind is still chilly, I think like 30 degrees. And for us down here 70 requires a light jacket so yeah the whole valley practically shut down lol.